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New Year’s resolution: more outfit posts.


a couple of fashioin concepts i did a while back for the comic project. loved doing these and a couple of these outfits belong to main characters!


pictures of the newest wife


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The Washington.

I feel like we’ve been offhandedly mentioning the Washington for months without ever having posted images of it. This design was first prototyped mere days after I completed the first Kenway prototype. They were originally intended to be released together, but the Kenway’s explosive popularity made it impossible, and so it fell by the wayside.

Daniel has been wearing it ever since, being the soul owner of a Washington jacket, Last year at NYCC we received countless inquiries about it, and we knew that it was time to bring it to full fruition.

And with that, we present to you the Washington in two of the four color schemes it will be available in it’s first run. It will be available for preorder starting tomorrow afternoon (July 17).

Color schemes shown are:

- Commander in Chief: Navy with Light Gold accents and Gold thread.

- Minuteman: Rawhide with Gunmetal accents and Gold thread. 

More updates to come tomorrow!